In “Starlight,” Jay White, King Errisson and Danielle White blend their substantial musical and dramatic gifts to deliver vibrant performances while leading a multitalented supporting cast in a quest to answer the burning question:

“Whatever happened to music legend, Bobby Drake?”

Drake, a reclusive down and out singer-songwriter, struggled for years with his meteoric rise and sudden fall from stardom until a new spark, in the form of a beguiling, young singer named Dez, tries to reignite the aging has-been’s passion for music and life. When the developing bond between the unlikely couple is cut short, Bobby descends into another downward spiral, an endless fall that’s broken years later when he unexpectedly reunites with Cosmo, his former bandmate. A man on a mission to help his old friend release the specter of his lost love, Cosmo sets Bobby on a collision course with the dark night of his soul in the hope he’ll regain his once-magical songwriting touch.

Award-winning Neil Diamond tribute artist Jay White makes his feature film debut in a leading role as “Bobby Drake”, and also stars alongside legendary percussionist and session musician, King Errisson, in the role of “Cosmo”, in this new take on a tale of rise, fall and redemption. Errisson and White are joined by newcomer Danielle White (no relation), who plays Drake’s inspirational soulmate, “Dez”, an ambitious go-getter chasing down her dream of breaking through as a successful singer in her own right.

The fictional musical/drama also stars Kelley Poling, Doug Frasure, Nadia LaFranconi, Linda Suzanne, George Pecoraro, Steve Garland, Ramón Martínez and introduces Kimber Cleveland, who wrote and performs several original songs featured in the film.

“Starlight” was written, produced and directed by Steve Tatone. Wendy S. Williams is the executive producer, with Marc Alcorn and Ralph Barnette serving as co-producers.

Mr. Tatone’s behind-the-scenes team included directors of photography Joshua Moody and John Goodbrad, editor Marc Alcorn, production designer Jerry Chambless, and costume designer Florys Johnson.

The film includes songs written by King Errisson, David Poe, Kimber Cleveland, Dean Johanesen, Nadia LanFranconi, and Steve Tatone.

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Jay White

Bobby Drake

King Errisson


Danielle White


Kimber Cleveland


Kelley Poling


Nadia Lanfranconi


Doug Frasure


Linda Suzanne


George Pecoraro


Ramón Martínez


Steve Garland